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OpenTool Software (Full Version)

OpenTool is a user-friendly application designed to display the gaming statistics of МТТ and SnG players taken from OfficialPokerRankings.com database.

Item description:
OpenTool enables you to view your opponenents' gaming statistics without having to enter every player's nickname at OfficialPokerRankings.com.

Item price: 2,500 HoP-points

Before purchasing the item please send the following information to us via Skype (hop_support):
- your login (account) at fishinterceptor.com;
- your e-mail;
- the activation code generated by OpenTool demo-version (free to download)

OpenTool features:
- Search for players with one click;
- HUD with all stats directly on the table;
- Autocopying statistics to the clipboard;
- Output data may be configured easily;
- Supports all officialpokerrankings.com rooms;
Learn more about all OpenTool options and features here.

Please register at fishinterceptor.com and download the OpenTool demo-version to get the activation code that you will need to send to us before purchasing the OpenTool software.

You will need to install Microsoft.NET 4 Framework and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64, x86) for OpenTool to work correctly. User Account Control (UAC) should be disabled. Run the application as administrator.
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Deal of the day in our online shop

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